American School Bus 7mt

Our American Bus Schools, completely restored and converted for promotional purposes, are perfect for Events and Promotional Tours. Massive, Funny and Spacious.


VEHICLE: 2003, MINI School Bus
USE: Mobile Pop-up, Promotional, Exhibition Stand, Photo Shooting and Video
EQUIPMENT: Heating and air conditioning, Dinette with seats for 8 people, Wooden parquet, Shelves with USB battery charger, Refrigerator, Kitchen and sink, 3 Openings, Fast and practical

Some Examples:

School Bus 7mt

Copy of WMB Kim Spolidoro -242
Copy of WMB Chiara Ludovica Quadrelli -4
Copy of WMB Monti Smith-23
Copy of WMB Chiara Ludovica Quadrelli -4
Copy of WMB Marco Renieri -94
Copy of WMB Martina Olivati -168
Copy of WMB Martina Olivati -9
Copy of WMB Marco Renieri -93
Copy of WMB Kim Spolidoro -139
Copy of WMB Davide Olivati HD -7
cool bus 1-54
_School Bus 2 by officine Vivaldi 56

American Bus School
Made in USA Customized in Italy

Our American School buses are entirely restored and converted for promotional use, thanks to the modifications made in Officine Vivaldi in respect of the American style they maintain their Look too Cool for School.


Our School Buses are the great classics of the American myth, the movies, the Simpsons, the American Dream. In Officine Vivaldi we have the 3 main categories of American School Buses, Type A, Type B and Type C. Very scenic and fun, they will leave your guests and customers speechless. Our 3 School Buses in the various versions are present in every respectable American film. The dimensions are impressive and the interior spaces are large and comfortable to load.

Our School buses are fully and easily customizable. One of the most coveted spaces for customization is the back of the School Bus, very photographed both on the road and when parked.


The typical writings from Scuola Bus Americano have been kept original and are very scenic for photo shoots and videos. Stop panels and other details can be added or removed depending on your needs. The school bus interiors are all converted, the seats have been removed and transformed into design armchairs.

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